Marker Size1 ... Size6
circle map-small-circle ... map-big-circle
square map-square ... map-square
diamond map-diamond ... map-diamond
cross map-cross ... map-cross
triangle map-triangle ... map-triangle
plus map-plus ... map-plus
star map-star ... map-star
dot map-dot ... map-dot

Create a MAP straight from Excel!

Update: There is an improved version of this tool available at However, feel free to continue using this legacy version - yep, it still works.

Simply copy and paste data from Excel directly into the box below.The only mandatory fields are X and Y (or Latitude and Longitude) - this will get your map-circle on the map!

You can choose different Marker for each row - simply pick one out of 8 Markers (circle, square, diamond, cross, triangle, plus, star and dot) followed by number from 1-6, which will determine the size of the Marker. Circle1 will give you small circle. Guess what diamond6 will give you? And the next column will determine the colour of the Marker. Easy. Do not be afraid to experiment!

If you need to use numbered Markers, just type numbered into Marker field and fill in the Numbers you want to display on the Markers: map-marker Cool!

You do not have to to fill in Marker, Colour, Number or Legend. But if you do, keep the order of the columns! You have been warned. Still don't get it? Check the sample data!


Sample data was pasted below - you can MAP it straight away!   Now, feel free to replace it by your data from excel and hit the MAP button!